You First Shanghai pivotal role in PAK Corp.-Manchester City strategic partnership


A strategic partnership between PAK Corporation and Manchester City football club press conference was held in Guangzhou. In this event, Ms. Sarah White, Manchester City Head of Partnership APAC, said: “I believe there is a synergery to PAK Corporation business approach, with its pursuit for high quality of products and services, is that similar to Manchester City brand. We are looking forward to a great partnership”.

You First Sports pivotal role as PAK Corporation exclusive sports marketing firm was an important one as the global sports agency aligned the business need and marketing goals of the lighting company, and finally selected Manchester City as strategic partner for PAK Corporation. In addition, the global sports firm would be developing content and activations during the partnership period for PAK, creating an opportunity for Chinese Audiences to engage with the brand and Manchester City.

Chinese TV Spot of PAK and Manchester City.