Five #YouFirstClients called up by their National Teams


5 #youfirstclients have been called up this week with their National teams to play the qualifying matches for the 2018 Russia World Cup. These players are: Florin Andone (Romania), Erick Gutiérrez (Mexico), Teemu Pukki (Finland), Edipo rodríguez (The Dominican Republic) and Eddy Silvestre (Azerbayan).

Andone´s up coming matches:

Armenia vs Romania. Date:08/10

Kazakhstan vs Romania. Date:11/10


Guti´s up coming matches:

New Zealand vs Mexico. Date:09/10

Panama vs Mexico. Date:12/10


Pukki´s up coming matches:

Iceland vs Finland. Date: 06/10

Finland vs Croatia. Date: 09/10


Edipo Rodríguez´s up coming matches:

Trinidad y Tobago vs The Dominican Republic. Date:06/10


Eddy Silvestre´s up coming matches:

Azerbaijan vs Noruega. Date:08/10

Czech Republic vs Azerbaijan. Date:11/10