Aquino and Lugo, champions of the #Apertura2015


Last night, our two #YouFirstClient Javier Aquino and Gerardo Lugo have been proclaimed kings of Mexican’s football in the penalties (4-2) after a 4-4 against Pumas at Estadio Olimpico Universitario in Mexico City. In the first match Tigres won 3-0 with a goal by Javier Aquino included. In the return, Tigres lost 4-1, and came to the final penalties shootout that proclaimed champions of the Mexican Football League, the Apertura 2015.

For the fourth time in their history, they became champions of the Mexican Football League. Before they were crowned in seasons 1977-78 and 1981-82 Apertura 2011. During the day the players will celebrate the title with their fans in Monterrey.

The other side of the Final also lived #YouFirstClient Alejandro ‘Pikolín’ Palacios, Pumas goalkeeper who was defeated in the Final.