9 clients of the #YouFirstTeam play the playoff of the Trofeo Apertura


The playoffs of Trofeo Apertura have started this week with the presence of 9 clients of our #YouFirstTeam:

Leonel López (León), Alejandro Palacios and Jose Antonio Garcia (Pumas), Javier Aquino and Israel Jimenez (Tigres), Jesús Isijara (Necaxa), Rodolfo Pizarro (Pachuca), Paul Aguilar and Manuel Pérez (Club América).


The results of these recent games were:

–          León  vs  Club Tijuana  (3-0)

–          Pumas vs   Tigres (2-2)

–           Necaxa vs  Pachuca(2-1)

–          Club América vs Guadajara  (1-1)


The second leg will be played on the 26th and 27th of November.